The Little j Way…


Welcome to Little j Games.

Founded in 2017 by two lifelong game designers, Little j Games seeks to help families and friends discover the fun in the limitless world of games.

My name is Jeff Black, and my son Josh and I are avid game players and designers. We began Little j Games as a way to share the fun we have together with the rest of  the world. We are excited to share our games with you!

The last couple of years have been amazing for us here at Little j Games. We have designed and developed a whole bunch of games across a variety of genres, and we continue to make more!

Our specialty is light to medium weight games that kids and families can enjoy together.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our table!

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Rushmore (Let’s Get Rocked)!

We at Little j Games are very excited to share one of our new games. It’s called Rushmore (Let’s Get Rocked)! and we’ll be demoing at some cool events in New England this summer and fall. We’d love to see you at our table!

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